Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Book, Books, and more Books!!

I started my summer book project today! It has been exciting.... to say the least! I am doing an inventory log of all my classroom library books. I just finished my 1st year in 3rd grade (and these kids love love love to read)! I had a problem with my kiddos having 2 to 4 of my classroom library books in their desks, so I came up with a plan of action for next year!! I am going to put a check out card in each book and have them check out my classroom library books so I know they will be reading at least one at a time AND if they don't like the book I will KNOW they put it back before getting another one!!!

                                              Here are all of my chapter book series collections!!!

                                   No classroom library isn't complete without a Dr. Suess  collection!!
                                   ( P.S. I have 3 The Lorax books!!!!)

                    My informational text collection could use some serious help!! I am going to have to hit some garage sales and find more, kids love informational texts!!

     These are my miscellaneous fiction chapter books. I have NO idea how to organize these!!!

And this is my 5 year old! She makes paper clip jewelry while mom works on her books!!