Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Volcanos, Mountain, and Canyons!!! OH MY it Landform time!

We have been studying landforms in Social Studies. To end the lesson I sent some modeling clay home with my students. I assigned each student a landform. With the help of their parents they created AWESOME landforms! They got real creative with this assignment!! Yesterday I had them write a descriptive paragraph to go along with their landform! I also must thank my parents! I have a wonderful set of parents this year! I even had students get together at someones house and work on the project together! Love it!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Learning With Legos!

My Enrichment MTSS Reading group did a book study over Be A Perfect Person in Just Three Days. I gave them an assignment to write a paragraph about their favorite scene in the book. When they finished their paragraph they were given some Lego Education Legos to create the scene they wrote about! They did awesome on both the paragraph and the scene creation!

Friday, October 4, 2013


I would love to incorporate Legos into my teaching! High five if you are already teaching with them. If you are leave my some info on how you go about it in your classroom!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Remember Chalk????

We now have whiteboard and mimios. We use Technology EVERY day, multiple times a day. Sometimes it's nice to remember the little things. When I say little things I mean CHALK! For one of our spelling lessons, I gave each student a black sheet of construction paper and a piece of chalk. We practiced our spelling words and it was a HUGE success!! They keep asking to do it again.

After our spelling lesson, they did so awesome and were so ON task, I just had to let them play for a bit with the chalk!!

I LOVE when trying something new turns into a HUGE success!

Monday, August 26, 2013

We were busy "bees" the first week of school!!

We are buzzing right through August! Here is a look at some beginning of the school year activities we did last week.
We made bees for our classroom door. I took pictures of each of the kids and had them cut and clue their face to the bee! They had some much fun creating the bees!


We did a writing activity. They made a creation out of playdough. They then wrote about what they created. They LOVED LOVED this! I did get this idea off of pinterest! I am planning on keeping their writing pieces this year and making a writing portfolio. Last year I just sent the writing home. We will see how it goes!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

C G I at work!!

Today is the 2nd day of school for my district. Today I gave my kiddos a cognitive guided math question. They were told what manipulatives they could use to solve the problem. Then I had had them journal about when they found the answer. I did nothing else to help them. They did EVERYTHING on their own. I was SO impressed and happy. I went across the hall and gave those 2nd grade teachers a high after school. When they asked me if their answer was correct all I said to them was how many kids do you have in the 10 cars. They said 36. I then asked is that how many kids wanted to go on the roller costar. They said yes. So they answered the question themselves.!!! I loved this!!!

Do you do C G I in your classroom??  If you do, give me some suggestions of what I could do better and/or what it looks like in your classroom.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

6:15 AM on a summer Wednesday.... WHAT....

Do you smell that smell??? It's the end of summer smell...
I woke up at 6:15 this morning in such a good mood! My husband is off for 6 days!!! We leave for Branson tomorrow with our kids!! Because my husband is home today I decided to take advantage of it and go to my classroom WITHOUT kids!!! For those of you teaching mammas, you know the importance of this. I started going to my classroom last week, but I always had my kids with me. And yes they love to come and "help" but the truth is you don't get much accomplished!!! So I am so excited to work kid free in my classroom today.
BONUS! My husband took them shopping in Wichita this morning.... So what did I do you might ask???!!! I made some pintrist posters!!
I got so tired of writing the "when finished"  choices on the board last. Then I saw this!! I had to make one and can't wait to laminate it and put it up in my classroom!! The pintrist poster said done, but I learned from my awesome mentor 2 years ago to tell the kiddos they are not done. Turkeys are done. Kids finish their work!! Love her!

I am so excited to have pen pals this year. This is something new to me. My 3rd Graders are going to write to a 2nd Grade class in our district. I made this poster to help them with their pen pal letters!! So fun!!

I actually made this last year. I just got it out so I could finally laminate it. I did get this off of pintrist too. I actually this a Thanksgiving lesson with this. I read a book, then the kids  wrote a paragraph about what they learned. I had them write each sentence on either green, yellow, or red paper. Depending on where the sentence was in the paragraph. So excited to do this lesson again. This time I want to incorporate it sooner in the school year. More fun!!

Now if you will excuse me I am off to work in my classroom WITHOUT my lovely children!!